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HHIB tap changers passed natural ester tests

HHIB has successfully completed the full range of tests for RSV9.3 in natural ester fluid for power transformers. The tests were conducted at the specialized Tap Changer Laboratory Complex on company grounds in accordance with IEC 60214:1-2014 standard.
The RSV9/9.3 series of tap changers is HHIB best-selling series of tap changers with vacuum interrupters, it has a proven track record in all over the world.  The RSV9/9.3 series are universal and can operate reliably with a wide range of rated currents and voltages with various transformer designs.

The natural ester-based transformer fluids are a safe alternative to traditional transformer oil. An increasing number of utility companies have started using ester-filled power transformers in their power networks not only because of environmental and fire-safety concerns but also operational efficiencies and extended life cycle of the transformer.
With the RSV9/9.3 series now proven to work in natural ester environment, HHIB clients can provide energy consumers around the world a safer, more reliable and cleaner energy alternative, that can respond directly to new regulations and market demand with tangible benefits.

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