In 1997. Hyundai Heavy Industries Ltd., Electro Electric Systems privatized Bulgarian company Elprom Trafo-known manufacturer of transformers and tap changers. The base from which Hyundai Heavy Industries Korea started to develop the competitiveness of Bulgarian producers include: industry, inherited from the socialist past of the country, well-educated human resources, advanced technologies and know-how in specific industries. In 2001. Bulgarian company reached the standards of the parent company and its name was changed to "Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Bulgaria".

One of the most important activities of the company and company management since 1997.

  • Because their structure includes modern technical achievements and has patent protection.
  • Because we have 60 years of manufacturing experience and 40 years of experience in exports. With over 50,000 tap produced so far, we are among the leading companies in the world.
  • Because our products have passed tests in independent laboratories such as KEMA - Netherlands, VUSE - Czech Republic, KERI - South Korea and others. and approved by many other national electric organs.
  • Because we can easily change the design of our products to fully meet your technical requirements and conditions of delivery.



Firm leadership pays special attention to activities aimed at improving occupational safety, ensuring healthy working conditions and environmental protection through continuous investment in equipment and machinery. Some of manufacturing and administrative buildings were newly built or completely renovated. Significant investments were invested in activities aimed at improving the quality and increasing production capacity. Thanks to all these improvements, the company management was able to increase turnover threefold over the past five years. Employees of the Bulgarian company regularly train in Korea with a view to coordinating technical standards, quality programs, business plans and other components of the policies of both companies affecting international markets and strategies for entering these markets.

Jae Cheol Yang
Managing director
Hyundai Heavy Industries Co.Bulgaria